The campaign where i kill all of you

This is a site i will be using for character reference. While i am not saying you HAVE to use this, there are rewards for the following actions:

Create your profile and join the ‘Foundation of the Handymen’ Campaign. 1 AP

Upload your character to the character list. 1 CP (2 CP if you use my format)

Post your characters back story 2-4 Paragraphs 1 CP

Maintain and send in a characters journal 1AP and or CP Per session Varies on quality

Post all special (IE: magical or very well crafted) items in the equipment page. 1 Unique trait relevant to your character

Update your character between sessions. 1 AP if you have me do it 1 CP if you do it and send me the changes you made

Upload a decent portrait of your character You may purchase the “campaign discipline” trait for 1 cp

Not only are there rewards for using this, it is now required in my campaigns. Minor mistakes and occasional delays are completely understandable. However, not posting and updating your character will mean that you are not permitted to play your character. If you need help understanding/ using the site initially i am more than happy to meet up with you and help.