The campaign where i kill all of you

This is a site i will be using for character reference. While i am not saying you HAVE to use this, there are rewards for the following actions:

Create your profile and join the ‘Foundation of the Handymen’ Campaign. 1 AP

Upload your character to the character list. 1 CP (2 CP if you use my format)

Post your characters back story 2-4 Paragraphs 1 CP

Maintain and send in a characters journal 1AP and or CP Per session Varies on quality

Post all special (IE: magical or very well crafted) items in the equipment page. 1 Unique trait relevant to your character

Update your character between sessions. 1 AP if you have me do it 1 CP if you do it and send me the changes you made

Upload a decent portrait of your character You may purchase the “campaign discipline” trait for 1 cp

Again, this is not required, but rather large potential for character rewards if you use it. If you need help understanding/ using the site initially i am more than happy to meet up with you and help.