Arafin Com'Yynth

Elven ranger, animist in training


Name(s): Arafin Com’Ynth
Status: Alive, nobility revealed, Seargent. Emissary to elves
Loyalties/Groups: Handymans guild, Banner Man party
Concept: Wyld Elf, noble lineage, training to lead his people past the incursion of grollens and humans.
> Purpose: open
Description: Wyld Elf/ Plains, Male, 5’9, 150, Tan skin, Brown hair, Green eyes, right handed
> Size: 9 / Size Factor (SF) = 0
> Markings: [tattoos, scars, etc.]
> Looks: Pleasing +1cs (youthful appearance)
> Essence: 12-3=9
> Social Standing: [current] / Pedigree: Son of tribal chief, heir, sergeant in handyman’s guild

Kinetic 4, Divine 1

Charisma = 3
Intuition = 3
Perception = 4
Reactions = 8 +1 to direct rolls (Agile Disposition)
Reason = 3
Sanity = 4
Strength = 6
Vigor = 6

Physical: Sharp hearing (+1), Light Sleeper, Bonded Soul Gem, Narrowly Adaptive, Starlight Vision, Natural acrobat, Chi pool (1)
Mental: Short Fuse, Intolerance: Grollens, Slow Learner, Code Of the Animist, Code of conduct: Good, Synergy Pool (7)
Other: Good Luck, Conviction (animist) 1, Preferred weapon and enhanced proficiency: Living Bow, Air sense, Spark flow: Air buffet

Combat: Evade 1+1, Melee 3+2, Propel 1+1, Shoot 3+1
Athletics: Climb 1+2, Jump 1+2, Running 1+1, Swim 1+2, Ride 1+1,
Communications: Feyloise 4/4, Gladnorean 2, Slyph 2
Knowledge: Meditation 1+1, Survival 2+2, Military Lore 2, streetwise 3,
Stalking: Stealth 1+1, Camouflage 1+1, Tracking 1, Form Spark 1, Lore: Sparks 1

Special Abilities: full bond with the Amber blade

Synergy Pool (7) = 44
Shared Litany, Faith Rites knowledge
Slyph Bond: +1 cs to Survival, Void Sense and Shade Sense. Automatic Stabilization, +1 cs to speak/ Interact or Bind Air elementals and Sparks, No limit to speaking the air language, No cp cost to bind air spark or 1 cp to bind rank 2, +4 cs to resist self destructive urges
Ranged attacks are at a -1 MS to hit

Mana Pool (0) =

Chi Pool (1) = 38

Focus Pool (0) =

Health = 54
> Endurance Threshold (ET) = CON + Toughness Levels + Survival Proficiency Level
Familiarities: Sparks, Swords, Bows, Blades

Armor/Defenses: Studded Leather 10 pv 90 Pr 5 FV, Fendelkrayne 1 Fv 6 pv, 72 PR
> Feet:
> Hands:
> Head:
Weapons/Offense: Slim sword 9 dam, 3 am. Living Bow 2/1 Am 13 dam, +1 cs when firing ling ammo, can be drawn in 0 AM
Typical Clothes:

Encounter: [for casual, low threat, about town type situation or stripped for full combat]
Day: [for day trip, where sustenance and hydration is important and always having min supplied for single night]
Travel: [pathfinding, multi-day trips]
Mounts/Vehicle/Carry Assistance

2400 silvers, 4 assets (Living Bow), 2 land (Developed tree farm, Allow for purchase of living weapons), 1000 silver allowance, Contact: No cost, no disclosure, shelter and resources for up to 1 month a year, Living Bow: 2/1 am, 13 base damage, 3 RCT 8 STR, 1 ENC, 1 cs when firing living munitions, Can be drawn from case in 0 AM if it is a preferred weapon. Fendelkrayne: 1 fv, 6 armor 72 health. Slim Sword, Dagger (1 cs to melee and propel, 5 base damage, Durable, worth 1000 silvers ), 58 arrows, 6 living arrows, 10 combat living, 10 Fatigue Living
4 blue fire stuff (safe signal), 2 purple fire stuff (Danger Signal)
Survival Suit
Rough Exposure; negates 1 SCF from exposure/-1 AM action

Travel Kit (3 ENC) > Basic clothes (3 sets), good clothes (2 sets), fancy clothes (1 set), 2 sets boots, sandals, nice slippers, warm wool cape, overnight pack, bedroll, cook gear (utensils, whetstone, bowl, cup, 1 pot, 1 pan), flint & tinder, lamp, 3 flasks lamp oil, 3 torches, 60m of rope, 2 belts, 2 light tarps, 1 small tent, 1 grease tin (waterproofing), 2 small sacks, walking stick (light staff), wine skin w/watered wine, 1 week worth of preserved rations, 1 week worth of fresh rations, horse w/saddle bags and tack (saddle/harness/stirrups; 4 CS ride), 1 crude map of the realms, 50 SC in jewelry. 5 healing Salves (1 healing on wound check)
Armor: Hide – Thin

Cavalry Horse (light)
Size 100; Will not run from combat – “Habituated” training

Standard Living: 50 silvers
Fatigue Living: 75 silvers
Combat Living: 200 silvers (AP, Aggravating)
Created: 1/1/2014 (orig)/System: 5.x > Revision (version # or milestone)
[What happened After After Character Creation]


Arafin is traveling the world as a bet between him and his father. should he prove unsuccessful on his own he forfeits his right as heir. He remains with the party because while he feels he has won his bet there is still much for him to learn among these people, and he believes that spending his youth among the humans will accelerate his growth and allow him to bring much more back to his tribe.

Activity Record:
Character Points:

Action Points: 2
[Total can never be higher than CHA rating]

Arafin Com'Yynth

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