Best god damn guard in the guild


3 cp 3 ap

Status: [Alive]; Loyalties/Groups: Handy Mans Guild, Bannerman group

Concept: Rogue Archetype, Thief using the guise of a professional bodyguard as a sanctuary.

  • Purpose:* Survive
    Description: Human, Male, [height], [weight], [color] skin, [color] hair, [color] eyes, Right handed
    Size: 10 / Size Factor (SF) = 1
    Markings: None
    Looks: Normal (no adjustment on social abilities with attractable targets)
    Essence: 20-2= 18
    Mannerisms: Quiet, reserved, prefers the background
    Social Standing: Banner-man, Private 1st class


Kinetic 5


Charisma = 4
Intuition = 6
Perception = 5
Reactions = 4
Reason = 4
Sanity = 5 +1cs (Cerebral Disposition)
Strength = 4
Vigor = 4

Chi Channeler, Good Luck, Sly, Danger Sense, Urban Experience, Mild Nightmares

Familiarity: Tumble, Elude, Dodge, Urban, Shadows, Pickpocket, Trap Bending, Bluff, Crossbow, Coin Shaving, Blades, +1 to Hestig



Athletics: Evade 2, Run 2, Jump 1, Swim 1, Climb 1, Shoot 4

Communications: Gladnorean 4/2 1, Persuade 21

Knowledge: Streetwise 2+1, Appraise 1, Meditation 1, Lore: Hestig 2+1, Lore: Handymans’ Guild 1+1,

Stalking: Camouflage 2+1, Evade 2, Sleight of Hand 3+1, Lock Breaking 1,

Special Abilities

Synergy Pool (0) =

Mana Pool (0) =

Chi Pool (0) = 92

Focus Pool (0) =
Ancestral Nightmares: As long as they succeed the SAN check against this trait they gain either a skill at lvl 1or 3 familiarity for the day. Failure results in the normal nightmares penalty. No skill or familiarity can be used this way within the same 10 day cycle.

Ancestral Focus: For 10 focus the character gains +1 cs to Skill checks withing a group set (Ie stalking, combat, athletics…..) for one hour, or the character can spend 1 Ap to gain this bonus for 24 hours. Spending AP on re-rolls for these skills within the time frame also gain high criticality

Health = 40
CON: 4
> Endurance Threshold (ET) = CON + Toughness Levels + Survival Proficiency Level
Familiarities: Crossbows, Blades, All evade

Tactics: Avoid combat, fire careful shots through allies.

Armor/Defenses: Courbouilli 10 pv 80 pr
> Feet:
> Hands:
> Head: Leather cap (offers nor protection, just looks heavy)

Dagger 3 damage, 2 Am, +1 ms
2 light crossbow 12 Damage, AP, 1 Am fire 8 AM load, +2 ms
Medium Crosbow 16 damage, AP, 1 AM fire 10 AM load, +2 ms
Medium Spear 10 damage, 3 am, +1 ms
Stiletto: 3 dam, 2 am, AP

Typical Clothes:

Encounter: [for casual, low threat, about town type situation or stripped for full combat]
Day: [for day trip, where sustenance and hydration is important and always having min supplied for single night]
Travel: [pathfinding, multi-day trips]

Dark Suit, Guild Blueprints, memorys lock , Lockpicks, small crowbar, scroll of the red hand, back pack, 2422 shaved silver coins, 242.2 silvers of shavings.
Mounts/Vehicle/Carry Assistance


Created: 1/1/2014 (orig)/System: 5.x > Revision (version # or milestone)
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