Lord Marcus Sarek IV, provost of Beryl


Human, male, age: 61, right handed, grey haired (short; thin beard and goatee), 5’7", 139#

Mannerisms: well groomed, oiled & scented


Clothes: dark grey hooded cape, tunic, leggings, high laced sandals, gloves, wide black leather belt, black & red sash


Marcus Sarek IV, provost of Beryl is an old man. He has held his position of Provost for 12 years. Lord Sarek comes from an ancient noble family tracing its line back thousands of years. He is a Daemicon, a master loreist of the Order of the Graven Glyph and sought out by many for his knowledge of the ancient south and the Imperial lands that once were.

He serves at the whim of the city council, provost is an appointed position and his advise is always sought by the council members. He claims no politics himself, though he is known to have sympathy towards unification and leanings towards the old noble families.

There are many rumors surrounding Lord Sarek, some say he runs a network of spies and agents, others say he is a political man himself and secretly runs the city, there are whispering that he is a magus… but he is a private person indeed and remains hidden from public view. The Sarek estate outside of Beryl is an old home, weathered and beaten but well taken care of and majestically done in the style of Imperial Synedcia.

Sira Marcus Sarek IV, Master of Family Sarek
His Lordship Sarek, Provost of Beryl
Grand Daemicon Marcus Sarek of the Order of the Graven Glyph
Follower of Ezrilus
Maester of the Beryl Chamber Symphony (guest conductor)
Sira Sarek, Owner of Granbliss Shipping
Sira Sarek, Owner of Thrimagen Farms
Sira Sarek, Owner of Trumble & Whelsh Caravans
Sira Sarek, co-owner of Deever and Sons money lenders
Sira Sarek, co-owner of The Scarlet Thatch, Dingwalds Carpets, etc. etc. etc.


Voosh Dak

Voosh is the son of a horse trader from the Doolun Emirates. He has served Marcus for a dozen years loyally as a scout, guard, and agent in the far reaches of the borderlands. He is an unmatched rider, an excellent dancer and known for his abilities with the mandolin. He is said to be a competent swordsman and carries a scimitar and curved knife. Voos rides with 4 horses, 2 excellent mounts for himself, a pack animal for his gear and one for Liera.

Liera Chae

Liera is a servant to Voosh and a present from Marcus to him. Although slavery is prohibited in beryl, indentured servitude is not. Liera’s family fell afoul of debt and Liera’s service goes to pay off that debt – she has paid with 3 years, and has another year to go (at the point the party meets her). She is a sexual slave and menial servant to Voosh who treats her well, but she exists solely to please him.

Lord Marcus Sarek IV, provost of Beryl

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