Phaels Jewler 'Sweeps'

Scholar, backup, support, devout, alcoholic.


Name(s): Sweeps, Hawk boy, drinky, “dinner” planner
Status: Alive, with the party Loyalties/Groups: Handymans Guild, Banner-man, Strikers party.

Concept: Backup character, general support, Maerovrin, animist of the local area.
Purpose: open
Description: Maerovrin: Miran, Male, 5’8", 160#, Dark skin, Brown hair, Gold eyes, right handed
> Size: 10 / Size Factor (SF) = 1
> Markings: Vary scars on the body, large cut across the back. Tattoos of his people on the shoulder blades.
> Looks: Normal
> Essence: 30-9=21 (conviction, good luck, animist pool and divine intervention)
Mannerisms: Quiet, sarcastic, tired, very reserved about his personal life.
> Social Standing: commoner, member of Solaris guild, Member of Handymans guild

Kinetic: 1 Occult: 2 Divine: 1 Psychic: 1

Charisma = 5
Intuition = 4
Perception = 6
Reactions = 4
Reason = 6
Sanity = 6
Strength = 4
Vigor = 4


Physical: Animal Bond: Hawk, Animal Form: Hawk (miren), Dire form: Chimp, Sun anima, Painful shift, Improved shifting, Healing shifting, Focus pool, synergy pool, Chi pool, Manna Pool, -1 Healing Factor, Hemophelia
Mental: Conviction: Animus, Critical Observation, Country experience, Natural Linguist, -1 MS to strike Undead, Natural Alchemist, Natural Scholar, Iron Will
Other: Spark Flow: Path finding, Cheap aptitude (10 cp cost), Good Luck


Athletics: Flying 1+1, Running 1, Climbing 1+1, Swimming 1, Jump 1+1, Melee 1, Evade 1+1, Shifting 2+2,
Communications: Gladnorean 4/4 1, Syned 4/41, Feyloise 2/4+1, Valdasean 1+1, Orrish 2+1, Dundarum 1+1
Knowledge: Lore: Border kingdoms 1+2, Survival 2+2, Sorcery 1+2, Manna sense 1+1, Medical Aid 1+1, Mathematics 1+1, Meditation 1+1, Lore occult 2+1, Lore: Undead 1+1, Lore: Divine 1+1, Lore: Mentalist 1+1, Lore: Dragons 1+1, Lore: Demons 1+1, Animal handling 1 1, Military Lore 21, Lore: Sparks 1+1
Stalking: Tracking 1+1, Camouflage 1+1, Stealth 1+1,

Familiarities: Miren, Aviary, Opening, Energizing, Centering, Domestic Animals, Animist

Special Abilities

1 less Energy required per ability rank when used against undead directly.

Synergy Pool (0) =12 Blessings: 21
Common rites, Rite of offering (object and soul), Abeyance,

Mana Pool (0) = 27
Spells: Locate the weave, Touch of Operation, Touch of Identity
Chi Pool (0) = 28

Focus Pool (0) = 28
Sense Mearovrin

Health = 40
CON: 4
> Endurance Threshold (ET) = 7
Familiarities: Clubs, Dodge, Staves
Tactics: Be careful, analyze everything, always engage with the fullest advantage, never be afraid to aid your comrades.

Armor/Defenses: Studded Leather 10 pv, 90 PR, FV 5. Small Shield: Bearing 1, 30 PV, 70 PR
> Feet:
> Hands:
> Head:
Weapons/Offense: Light Club: +2 MS, 5 base damage, 3 AM soft. Dagger +2 MS, 3 base damage 2 AM. Walking Staff: +1 MS, 6 Base damage, 3 AM, reach 2.

Typical Clothes: Light shirt, vest, short pants, sandals.

Encounter: [for casual, low threat, about town type situation or stripped for full combat]
Day: [for day trip, where sustenance and hydration is important and always having min supplied for single night]
Travel: [pathfinding, multi-day trips]

Mounts/Vehicle/Carry Assistance
Trained Riding horse (+1 MS to ride, will not run away. Will not charge into combat.)


History (after joining the group)
It was the accidental joining of the Banner-men that created ‘sweeps’. When the Guild official came into the room Sweeps was cleaning he did not realize Sweeps was there and announced that everyone in the room had been accepted fully into the guild and to follow. Confused sweeps followed and found himself as the groomsman for the Banners horses. He did not complain, and new that the official had only given him the position as way way to save face, but he did it to the best of his ability. Because he cleaned everything and nearly always had a broom his comrades called him Sweeps, which he found he liked. He didn’t feel like advertising his family name anyways.

In time the group needed his support in the field, which led to the revealing of some of his linguistic skills. He was given a raise (unofficially since it came out of Quartermasters pocket), and was brought on nearly every job. Soon he may as well have been one of the soldiers and not a groomsman. Quartermaster was the first to realize that sweeps had knowledge of magic, and later found sweeps giving the bodies of some bandits their last rites. It was not long before Quartermaster suspected that the hawk always present in the groups vicinity was likely Sweeps. He informed the group of the chain of command, of which Sweeps ranked lowest, and informed them that it was every persons first duty to listen to Sweeps. Despite the guild only paying him as a glorified janitor, sweeps may as well have been an officer.

The adventures continued, bringing war, travels, disreputable acts, and many other life changing experiences. Sweeps became a clean up detail for the bodies that followed in the parties wake. The code name for this process was ‘dinner party’. Despite the number dead, and the ill intentions of those he was burying, sweeps could not help but feel the loss for these people who would never know a full life. He offered them to the Animus spirit and laid their souls to rest. The conflict between his conscience and his loyalty to the group led him to drink…. heavily.

In the months of adventuring Sweeps would eventually reveal nearly everything about himself, from the Magic, The Animus, the Languages, His father, and even his shifting. Every use he had, and the sacrifices he made, only brought the group closer to him. The final cinch was when Sweeps sacrificed his essence to call upon divine intervention for the sake of the party. Many joined him in his bond with the Animus, and all accepted him as their full brethren.

When Quartermasters primary traveling companions returned to the guild things changed. The last month has been one of chaos and much demand on Sweeps. He has formed a friendship with the Ducateon Risk, and has been aiding him, but other tasks have put a stop to that. Sweeps is still trying to gauge where he stands amongst these highest ranking Banner-men.

Phaels was the only child of a reputable scholar and mage within the guild of Solaris. HE inherited his fathers Maerovrin form, as well as his mind, though little else. His ambitions were minimal, and his drive to succeed centered around the lives of others. Despite the disappointment of a son who would not follow in his footsteps, Phaels father still ensured that he would have the finest education and every opportunity he could create. Phaels spent much of his youth traveling with green church dispatches to the reclamation projects in Nakria, and even spent a bit of time roaming varying jungles in a study of animals. It was here that he discovered the animist spirit, which called him back after having adopted a dire form that threatened to consume him. From there on he devoted his life to the Animists way, and went home to harbor the life of the land. As a Maerovrin it was easy to be one with nature around him, and his access to the library at the Solaris Guild showed him insights to the relations between magics and the life of the land. Not wanting to be a drain on his fathers resources, Phaels got a small job at the Handymans guild as a animal caretaker and a janitor of sorts. In this manner he supported himself and continued to build the anima in the local area.

Activity Record
Character Points 3

Action Points 2
[Total can never be higher than CHA rating]

Phaels Jewler 'Sweeps'

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