Amulet of Death-Strike

An aid to fighting undead


A skeletal Medallion worn on a silver chain. It is always cold to the touch and there is a mild scent of winter that permeates the area around it.

The wearer is gifted with the ability to strike rue against undead, the creatures immunity to pain and superficial damage being negated.

So long as it is worn 1 penalty to Result from un-death is negated. This does not ADD a RS to any effect, it only negates penalties.


Common knowledge
Many of these such items have been made through out the steel realms, particularly in the frozen north. Few last for long, but some have been imbued with sustained power that will last lifetimes.

This particular Amulet was a gift from “Bugeyes” A champion of Mizeras who sought the aid of Striker and his companions. This one was presented directly to the Ducateon “Risk” as a sign of respect from Bugeyes. Risk believes it was supposed to be returned when the job at hand was done, but was not ever presented with hard evidence of the fact.

Amulet of Death-Strike

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