Claw of Kra'Zitz

Power of Troll Essence


A silver and green ring that imbues the bearer with troll-like features and regeneration.


The ring merges to the finger it is placed upon, turning it into a small troll claw (still about 2-3 times as long as a common human finger. The claw is an armor piercing weapon with 5 base damage.

The bearer immediately loses one point of VGR (A fated san check will cause ti s to return when the ring is removed, other wise it is permanent) The character cannot lose more than one point of VGR in this way, but will always be reduced by 1 as long as they wear the ring., regardless of the sanity check result.

While wearing the ring:
the bearer lose one appearance factor as they gain trollish features, as though the were some weird cross breed.
-1 VGR
-2 Essence
Hard Damage heals like real damage
Real Damage heals Like fatigue
Fire damage stops ALL healing for 1 day per damage taken (effect remains even after ring is removed)

If you are fully cursed by the ring you can speak and understand all orrish and trolls while wearing the ring.


Common knowledge: The Troll king Kra"Zitz bullied and intimidated his kind into subservience and led many excursions into Ducateon holts. he was known for his massive size and blood thirsty nature (not uncommon to trolls) He and his pack were slain after years of atrocities, his own spirit being bound to the ring of a Ducateon priest whose name was lost to history.

uncommon knowledge: The ducateon priest Gulvard Stolm burned his own essence to trap the troll king, locking them both in an eternal battle within the confines of his ring. The pack of trolls was scattered and the ring was passed from priest to priest until it was traded away to a merchant of the surface, Long after its purpose and origins had been forgotten.

Cursed: The ring causes the wearer to covet its possession once removed, growing stronger each time.

1st removal: minor compulsion (Normal san check to resist)
2cnd Removal: Moderate compulsion (-4 san check to resist)
3rd Removal Major Compulsion (-8 san check to resist)
4th removal: Blood thirst: the character will suffer from a desire to drink the blood of his fallen victims (minor compulsion) and will attempt to kill anyone else with the ring if failing the covetous compulsion check

Ducateons in near the wearer when the ring is donned must make a San -4 check or gain intolerance towards the charcter. It triggers and enhances their hatred of trolls, using their subconscious to justify their newfound aversion to the character.

The character gains an essence taint that leaves a trace residue of the trolls spirit.

Claw of Kra'Zitz

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