Entrophy Potion

Provides concealment and healing at a cost.


A unique looking bottle labeled “Malek Bottle Works INC” on the bottom. The label states “Gauranteed to cure all that ails you! (Except Chronic Itis)” and “More fun than a Missouri boat ride!” followed by “ Packed full of BOOM BOOM!…. Your not afraid of a little BOOM BOOM are you?”

Potion 13 droughts left
True Invisibility-
The imbiber is immediately rendered invisible to virtually any form of visual detection, even from creatures that can sense life (such as undead). Even visual effects such as snow or rain are undisturbed or even displaced by the imbiber. It would require a rank 5 detection power to dispel the effect. The character becomes visible again after 1 hour or after their 1st aggressive action.

The imbiber will be healed for all Hard, real and fatigue damage. This will happen immediately, in 1 hour, 1 day or 1 week, determined randomly

The character is exposed to raw entropy, the effects completely unknown and random


The bottle is in the possession of Risk, and is kept under strict guard. Only Daron knows that he has it, and wants nothing to do with it.

Uncommon knowledge
Only risk knows the full details of this The potion was gained in a pact with Malek, one that Risk, Daron and Fudashi entered into and paid dearly for. They requested the ability to hide from the undead for a short time, and were given this. Risk, as the one who enacted the pact, paid a higher price that he refuses to share with even Daron, the only survivor of the task they set out to accomplish with this ‘gift’.

It is thanks to this potion that the 3 were able to slay a powerful vampire and rescue the children of a pilgrimage of Aerina in the frozen north. Fudashi lost his life, and neither Daron or Risk cam out unscathed by the undead or the potion. They swore to never use the potion again or even reveal its existance unless it was the only option. Daron swore to die before he used it again.

Entrophy Potion

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