The Crafters Blade

Havey Short Sword- Forged Lightning

weapon (melee)

Longer Short sword- Pale crackling white, Black hammer contained within.

13 base Damage +4 lightning damage, 3 AM, 5 STR, 3 RCT, 4 kinetic, ENC 1, 150 health, Durable, 1.5 reach* (No reach against reach 1 weapons, does not suffer against reach 2 weapons)


Cost: Total not cumulative
1 bond-1 CP, 1 Essence
2 bonds- 1 CP, 2 Essence
3 bonds- 2 CP, 3 Essence
4 bonds- 3 CP, 4 Essence

Ducateon Bond: Must be Ducateon of any caste
Anvil Strike- Synergy cost
If 2 bonds are obtained Cleaving blow 1/day

Ikrubu Bond: Conviction Ikrubu required
Thunderous Rebuke 1/day
If 2 bonds are obtained the wielder may use Thunder clap 1/day equal to conviction level.

HIM Bond: Conviction to HIM required
+1 on reaction checks
If 2 bonds are possessed gain 1 NAV while in combat. Ducateons gain Greater Armored skin If a Worker Caste Ducateon already possesses this then it’s value is doubled against Lightning, Fire and Bludgeoning.

Crafting Bond: Craft skills combined lvl of 2 required
Bonus MS to use equal to highest crafting skill (MAX= Bond total +1 or 4, whichever is lowest)

  • Ability Descriptions*
    Thunderous Rebuke: After being wounded by a foe the wielder may spend 1 AM channeling lightning back at the attacker. To do so make a propel +4 attack, 8n base lightning damage, AP. If the target is struck they must make a VGR check or be stunned, and a reaction check or their hand held items are flung 10 feet away from them in different directions.

Thunderclap: 1 AM in conjunction with another action. The caster emits a thunderous blast centered from themselves in a 5M radius. Everyone within range takes 4 systemic damage and must make a RCT check or be knocked prone and take another 4 systemic damage. Everyone is pushed back 10 feet, only 5 if a STR check is made. Multiple charges can be used at once.

Anvil Strike-
Blade of the Hammer: for 10 synergy the next attack does +10 Bludgeoning damage and causes knock back. STR to resist falling prone
Blade of the Anvil: for 5 synergy the next block with the blade causes the attacker to lose 1 AM from shock unless they make a VGR check. The blade takes no damage.

Cleaving Blow: the next strike cuts through any weapon, shield or armor interposed against it, unless it has 300 or more resilience or is mystically resistant to a plasma blade.

-This objects true nature is unknown. It is hidden beneath layer upon layer of seemingly unbreakable shining chains, there is not even a break in the links.

Breaking the chains : The chains can be removed by the hands of one who has undergone the Betrayers Trial.

Entering the Trial only requires that the supplicant, knowingly, place their hands on the chains and in Old Dukat speak the phrase:

For the hope of light I delve into Darkness domain, submitting to the trials of Truth
The trial is known only to be a weakening of the self, challenging one to endure thier own life without the natural talents and gifts that life has bestowed upon them. The exact details are unknown, but it is said that one can only succeed in the trial by facing every challenge in the same manner they always have, without faltering in the slightest.-


Common knowledge
It is known that the Ducateons God under the mountain crafted a weapon that was supposedly a part of a treaty between the Ducateons and Humans. No part of history is able to say what era or region this took place, and none have ever been able to locate the weapon.

Uncommon knowledge
Rockharts Hammer, The Crafters Blade, Forged Lightning, known as a myth amongst Ducateons, and only as a whisper in legend for those of the surface who study Ducateon Lore. A weapon forged by the God Under The Mountain, HIM. It is said that he reached unto the skies and pulled the weather into his forge, gifting his people with a weapon to push back the Troll-Kin. The wielder of the weapons would push back and smite the dark creatures, even burning the flesh of the truly despicable. In these times the lightning blade caused the Underneath to be as bright as the surface so long as battle raged. The warrior caste took back all lost ground and more, pushing beyond the reasonable realms of their kind. In the end the blade was given back to the HIM, for the Religious Caste had seen it as their downfall, the chaotic nature of its power twisting the perceptions and very core of Ducateon being, causing aggression and illogical behavior.

Rare Knowledge
Kayle Rockhart is the name of the mythos that was built around a common Ducateon worker Caste smith. The original name has been long lost to time. Eventually the events that took place manifested the smith aspect of HIM.

the true events were a fallout between humans and Ducateons that led to one of the few truly hostile relations between them. The Holt was weakened from ages ;of dealing with trolls and the Humans proved quite tenacious about their attempts to destroy the Holt. Much of the military had been pushed to teir utmost, and evacuations were taking place. The smith of legends did not wish to see his home lost, and called upon HIM. His very life and soul he was willing to forfeit, with no doubt that his call would be answered.

The God Under The Mountain came unto the smith and bid him to begin forging. The smith worked tirelessly for days, his piece a bolt of living lightning from Ikrubu. With every strike the hammer and anvil grew damaged and smaller, as though the piece was absorbing them as he worked, the ringing echoing through the earth and skies. By the end he was using his hands to strike the piece, a short heavy blade. Seemingly a piece of white lightning trapped in the shape of a blade, with the image of a black hammer trapped in its center.

The smith rushed to the front lines, joining with the warrior caste, despite their cries to fall back. The humans were pushed back to the surface in a very long week. There peace was discussed with the the priests of the light as mediators. In the end the blade was the cost of peace, as had apparently already been discussed between the church of light and The God Under The Mountain. As the blade left his hands, the smith dropped dead.

Peace reigned, but the blade was lost within twenty years to the dark lands. In desperation the church of light accepted the aid of Malek, who swore he could retrieve the blade. The cost of this help is unknown, and the treachery of Malek saw that the church of light did not see the blade again.

The worshipers of Gloombringer, against her brothers wishes, sought to subvert the blade rather than destroy it. Malek, their supposed ally, used this to his advantage, and while Gloombringer sought to circumvent her brothers aims, Malek allowed an aspect of himself to go free, so long as it stole the blade. The aspect “Kalek” was successful, even taking the blade away to a pocket dimension, yet the event did not go entirely as planned. The dark church had been careful however, having bound the Blade in chains that required a treacherous trial be undertaken to remove them.

Being the double dealer that he is Malek again bargained with both Light and Dark, promising the Light that he would ensure the blade made it’s way back into this world, and that his ‘aspect’ would be bound again. To the Dark he promised no worshiper of the light would be able to enter the blades resting place. His price being that none could speak of any details of the Blade to any who did not already know of those details themselves.

Thousands of years would pass before a party would retrieve the bound blade from Kaleks’ pocket dimension and take it back to the Steel Realms. Strikers Banner-men retrieved it under the advice of a denizen of the pocket dimension; one Kayle Rockhart, aspect of HIM. The aspect could reside in the pocket plane, but could not give the party information beyond the fact that it was his masterpiece.

Much later the party would learn of the trial and how to remove the chains through the use of a Fiend of Knowledge.

The Crafters Blade

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