Memorys lock

Chest of memory


A small chest, a jewelry box almost, that upon being opened can call upon the memories of your ancestors to gain wisdom.

Basic statistics

After opening the first time the character immediately creates a bond with the box, losing 1 essence and 1 cp. They gain the trait Nightmares As long as they succeed the SAN check against this trait they gain either a skill at lvl 1or 3 familiarity for the day. Failure results in the normal nightmares penalty. No skill or familiarity can be used this way within the same 10 day cycle.

These skills and Familiarity are only available if the ancestors of the character possessed them.

After the character passes 15 nightmare checks the gain Ancestral Focus

Ancestral Focus: _For 10 focus the character gains +1 cs to Skill checks withing a group set (Ie stalking, combat, athletics…..) for one hour, or the character can spend 1 Ap to gain this bonus for 24 hours. Spending AP on re-rolls for these skills within the time frame also gain high criticality _


Memorys lock

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