Ring of Undead Protection

An aid to survivng against Undead


A ring carved from Bone. A permanent chill, as though having just come out of an ice chest, Emanates from it.

While donned the wearer is protected from all forms of undead and animations such as zombies or skeletons. All such creatures suffer a -1 RS on all attempts to harm the wearer


Common knowledge
While not pervasive these are one of the more common magical items of the realms. It is nearly impossible to tell who they were made by or when. They are in high demand in the frozen north and there are many horded within the frozen domains of the Lich lords.

This particular ring was one of several gifted to the Banner-Men of the Handy mans Guild by the Champion of Mizeras: Bugeyes. The bearer of this ring, the ducateon: SandVitz Latson “Risk”, believes that the rings were meant to be returned when their mission was finished, but that did not occur.

Uncommon knowledge
Many were created by the Lich lords minions and are imbued with additional magics that will permit them to see through the eyes of the wearer. Identification of which is which is very difficult as they are heavily obfuscated.

Ring of Undead Protection

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