Vestuul Dragon Scale

Scale armor



Dragon scale armor: Fit Val=6 normal, fitted to FV 4 Armoring=18 Health=300, -8 cs to repair without dragon blood. Armoring of 36 against fire, elemental resistance (will not degrade unless massively neglected), The armor can be slept in with no penalty if a successful Vigor check is made.


Gifted to Striker by Vestuul himself after the desecration of the rune recognized as a power of Gloombringer.

Striker decided he stood a better chance of desecrating the rune than attempting to dispel it with his conviction. The hammer blows against the rune echoed through the caverns, and Striker is struggled between each blow as the backlash grew progressively stronger. Striker prevailed against the Rune after just 4 blows, looked obviously pained and the hammer he had used was tarnished beyond repair.

Vestuul Dragon Scale

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