Virtues Tenacity

Full winged helm

PV 75, Pr: Virtue, Buttress 4 (only 2 for determining perception penalty),

The wearer has all light penalties reduced by 1 lvl.

Those with Radiance Bond and a Virtuous code of conduct may spend 5 synnergy per strike to add 4 base true light to any blow, illuminating a 5 meter radius for 1 round. Rank 2 Radiance Bond may reduce the Synergy cost (min 1) by conviction level and gain an additional +1Base and +4 overall light damage to the strike, and the character can spend 5 Manna to create light in a 10 M radius of light around them for 10 min (Will expel up to rank 2 darkness)


Created by the Dragon Ves’Tuul out of his horde for the use of his champion: Daron Murphy of Strikers Bannermen

Virtues Tenacity

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