Foundation of the handymen


Entry 5, 7th month of Guild duty- As written by Risk; Field physician

Bugeyes Bargain: part one

Our arrival at the Sand Flats trade post is met with minor enthusiasm, though the Villagers of Rugaut seem dubious about returning hom ejust yet.

Calin insists on staying with us, though Darrel claims he wishes to say his good byes to his family and will catch up in a week or so. I do not expect to ever see him again.

Supplies here are limited, we travel to Pomata to re-stock on armor and other gear. The price is exorbitant, Quartermaster claims we are fine but he cringes when he does the tally in his head.

Our next leg takes us through a swamp. A mushy, smelling, slow-going blight on the face of this planet.

We hear yelling in the distance, striker sends Calin and myself to investigate. The creatures found speak no language we recognize and leave no tracks of any recognizable nature. They are not human, unlikely even of this world.

A third set of tracks is recognized as those of a Druunad, some ancient goat like species.

Canis claims the ‘stars’ told him the swamp is growing unnaturally. He offers no evidence beyond that. Striker and i jest at his expense.

Canis trys to follow the Druunad to no effect.

The Druunad appears to be following us, though has not shown itself yet. Striker announces we mean no harm, but there is no response.

Chance reveals more details of the Druunad to me, which i convey to the others. Striker is still disturbed by the consistent imposition of my brothers on my mind.

My medkit has been pilfered! I grow very agitated at the nearest of my comrades, Canis, who claims he neither saw or did anything. Some minor supplies are missing, and a odd smelling salve is next to where i was sleeping.

The druunad reveals itself, makes some most about being able to kill us and informs me that the salve is a healing paste similar to a potion.

After much discussion we agree to take the Druunad to some ‘bird village’, on the trip he seems amenable to answering our questions.

Apparently the swamp IS in fact growing, though it is the cause of a life sucking-demonic- celestial thing. I am even more excited to leave this boil on the ass of the world.

The Druunad calls to some others to join us, they look like skinnier shorter humans with slighlty different faces. Wyld Elves, not humans…..I dont see why the 2 groups make the distinction, they are almost exactly alike.

The elves and Druunad ask for our help, though the elves do so by insulting striker first. It does not go over well, chance and lucky laugh constantly.

I allow Chance to speak with the Druunad and he negotiates a deal that even Striker is willing to consider. After he and Canis pray the decision to help is made.

We travel to the bird village, where many species of supposedly sentient birds have built a mud village. They proceed to heal the Druunad of a poisonous wound.

They seem nearly friendly towards me and I manage to learn a few things about thier medicine, and even find one willing to transcribe some of his recipes for me.

Striker negotiates with the leader for the use f some of the birds as scouts.

We leave, and rather quickly run into one of the monsters serving the dark Celestial.

The creature enters single combat with Daron. As skilled as he is, i still take the precaution of using Luckys’ skills to sneak behind the creature.

Thought he creature seems to be honorable it is a 4 armed mystically empowered being. It becomes apparent it is going to kill my comrade. I bury a crossbow bolt in the back of its skull.

IT LIVES! Then it gathers its 4 swords and form some demonic Rune to teleport away. Daron is furious at my interference and rushes me. Something seems to register in his head and he barely contains himself. The conversation between him and i is tense and last for several hours. A minor understanding is formed.

That night the same creature comes back and begins throwing his swords at me, then mystically calling them back. I am growing weary of this place, and allow my frustration to show by taunting the creature. The others awake.

Cains engages the creature, a ring of fire forming around them. The creature shows a weakness to the fire of Canis’ blade, but is much more skilled than he.

Striker orders me to take one of the creatures words away so it cannot teleport.

The result of my crossing the fire threshold is a forray of jumping, body checking, flying spears and swords, and 2 fallen beings. Thankfully one was the creature, slain by striker, and the other was Canis, who i manage to bring back to a semblance of health.

I cut off the creatures head to ensure its demise.

Continuing our venture we discover a ruined town, where we learn from the birds that another creature is hunting us within the ruins.

We place an ambush, with me using the head of the creatures comrade to lure him out. He shows that he knows the others are there and seems confident that he will kill us all. Unconcerned I taunt him further.

Arrows fly as he charges me with a flail. His armor a sheer size makes him nearly invulnerable to the glancing shots of our archers. He doesn not prove as resilient to the crossbow he did no expect to be behind my shield. I bury the bolt in his gut at point blank as his jumping attack pulverizes my shield in one blow. Angry i throw it down and draw my sword.

More arrows and bolts fly, Striker begins his assault, but is passed by Daron who rushes forward in a near rightoues fury. The burning in his helmets eyes and the light from his bond with Vestuul seems much more intense as he lays a clean blow to the side of the creatures head, channeling all the momentum of his charge through the blade. Through armor and all the top half of the creatures head is severed, splattering brain matter and blood on all nearby. I am now glad he did not complete his charge on me earlier. even Striker and Quartermaster seem begrudgingly impressed by the maneuver.

We set camp shortly after, resting before what is supposed to be our final encounter.

The destination proves to be and old lords manor, and the birthplace of the Celestial, or perhaps some demon the celestial has bonded with. This Druunads explanations are very vague.

The Druunad gives us each a seed the he tells us to put in our pockets. I grow dubious until Canis’ odd quirks remind me of our OTHER dubious activities. Fuck it. It does seem odd to me that the others are all immediately accepting of the Druunads gift. I had thought them suspicious in nature.

Entering the manor we proceed to the left of every corridor in a staggered column. Suits of armor are displayed on the walls.

Our paranoia caused us to knock over the suits as we went on. It proved a justified concern as the final statue in the corridor came alive, lashing out at striker. Expecting something like this he easily parried the blow and bashed the animated creature into a metallic pile in one strike.

The next corridor showed a line of armor. I led a charge using Daron and Canis as extra weight behind me. Not worth it. The line pulled out a barrage of war spears, nearly killing me though sparing the others.

As i bunkered down against the wall the seed in my pocket grew into some weird viney armor. I still did not get up.

From my postion i could see Daron striking down a suit, then throwing himself backwards and a massive explosion f flame consumed most of the cavern.

Most of us were ok but i did have to use a large portion of burn balm on Daron. He was very frustrated at quarter master, who had thrown one of the vials we’d found amongst the bodies of the previous creatures.

The armor all lay in piles, blackened and fire damaged. I did not look forward to continuing.

The corridor ended in a door, which had been trapped y means of a pendulum with a spiked end. thankfully no one was harmed, but that could have been the death of me as wounded as i am.

I think most of the party was growing wary at this point.

Entry 6, 7th month of Guild duty- As written by Risk; Field physician

We proceed down the Corridor, eventually finding the Celestial. Many rooms full of potential treasures were ignored.

We attempt to negotiate with the demon, but it is unswayed, and insists that if we oppose him we will die.

Daron disagrees and rushes him, I groan and follow.

Battle ensuse, the creature demonstrating an unholy strength of Will, Vitality and sheer muscle.

Quartermaster and the creature fly out the window together, Quarter master manages to stay on top.

Canis jumps out the window after them.

Like myself most of the party decides that is a foolsih decision and splits between shooting down and going back down the stairs.

In the fray my crossbow bolt burys itself into Canis.

More fighting ensues, bolts and random gear (My own shield and weapons that is) fly out the window at the creature.

The rest of the group finds it way down to the battle, they unleash a barrage of ranged weapons and charges.

The creature picks up canis and slams some bolt of electric energy through his chest….. Even from 40 feet up i know i will not be able to revive him.

In retaliation i push the creatures solid oak desk out the window, timing it to land on him….. there is not even a scream as the seemingly indestructible desk obliterates the creature in a deafening crash.

The battle over we patch the wounded nad gather our gear…. Canis is given the proper rites by his pack brother striker. The druunad offers additional ceremony.

Elves appear and scour the place. We stay out of thier way, gather a few rare books from the library and convince the druunad to heal us as he can.

2 of our comrades meet us, Helvia and Joe. They found out where we were going and rushed from the guild to assist us.

Word reaches us that the guild is having some issues.

A bit more than a month and a half goes by and we meet our contact at the Hammer and Anvil Pass.

Entry 7, 9th month of Guild duty- As written by Risk; Field physician

We are sent out to meet bug eyes and his companions, through a series of outposts he and his men have spent the last 15 years creating and fortifying. Bugeyes seems to have amassed many resources fromt he church of mizeras

We are forced to defend an out post from a pack of seemingly goblin- Hyena hybrid creatures…. significantly more resilient and swift than normal goblins, though less organized it seems. They speak and have some kind of society, though behave in a very animalistic manner.

A few soldiers we were protecting go mad. There is little to be done for them

We do manage to meet bugeyes, and he explains that he we are invading an old underground labrynth to recover information and tools neccessary to repair and recover a sword of some unique power. Turns out we already have it…..

We invade this underground tomb and ar beset by traps and odd creatures. From hear my memory goes blank, My skin seemed to be writhing and changing, and I blacked out. When i awoke we were out of the cavern and my skind had an odd light green tinit on top of the stone and metal. The others will have to fill in our records of what transpired.



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