Dalvik Embron

A leader of rogues. A planner and long term schemer.


Name(s): Boss, Schemes, Plotter, Plans
Status: Alive; Loyalties/Groups: Self, Handyman’s guild Bannermen
Concept: No archetype, a leader of rogues. A planner and long term schemer.
> Purpose: Get rich, and get out

Description: Human/ Borderlander, Male, 5’5”, 155, White (tanned) skin, red hair, grey eyes, right handed
> Size: 10 / Size Factor (SF) = 1
> Markings: A scar running from the front of the neck down to his right hip, and a scar on his shoulder from Daron.
> Looks: Attractive (no adjustment on social abilities with attractable targets)
> Essence: 18
Mannerisms: Calm, some what humorous, never angry or anything less than calculated.

> Social Standing: [current] / Pedigree: Commoner, started from filth amongst thieves.

Kinetic 5

Charisma = 6
Intuition = 5
Perception = 4
Reactions = 8
Reason = 6
Sanity = 3
Strength = 3
Vigor = 4

Physical: Anemia, Athleticism, Chi Channeler, Chi pool: 5, Campaign Discipline, Strong hearing: +2, Impaired sight -1, Light Sleeper, Natural Acrobat, Focus Pool 5, Toughness 2, Toughened 2
Mental: Danger Sense, Gifted Voice, Iron Will: 4, Leadership 2, Sly, Time sensitive
Other: Assets 5, Good Luck, Fortune’s Favored, Income: 400 silvers a month, Land: Upper social, Urban Experience, Natural Linguist

Athletics: Climb 2+1, Jump 2+1, Mobility (Running) 4+1, Ride 2+1
Combat: Armor Use 1, Evade 6+1, Grapple 2+1, Melee 3+1, Propel 2+1, Shoot 1+1, Soak 1+1
Communications: Aura sense 2, Empathy 2+1, Entertaining (disguise) 2+1, Synned 4/2+1, Gladnorean 4/4+1, Feyloise 2/2+1, Torquoimot 2/2+1, Persuade 3+2,
Knowledge: Animal Handling 3+1, Appraising 5+1, Craft: Tinkering 1+1, Cryptography 1+1, Lock Braking 1+1, Lore: Hestig 2+1, Lore: Gladnor 2+1, Lore: Ancient weapons 2+1, Lore: Business 2+1, Lore: Antiques 3+1, Lore: Occult 2+1, Lore: Demonology 2+1, Lore: Military 2+1 Meditation 1, Orienteering 2+1, Streetwise 4+1
Stalking: Camouflage 2, Sleight of Hand 1+2, Stealth 2+1

Special Abilities

Synergy Pool (0) = none

Mana Pool (0) = none

Chi Pool (45 starting + 35 released potential) = 80

Defensive Duelist: the character may spend 5 chi per strike against him to give the opponent a -1 MS to attack and himself a +1 MS to defend. Additionally on a successful parry or dodge, the character may spend an additional 5 chi to perform a riposte strike as a snap attack with no penalty. Or if the opponent misses an attack all together the character may spend 10 chi to perform a snap attack with no penalty and a +1 MQ

Focus Pool (9 starting 25 released potential as starting char) = 34
Sly: _
1 to sleight of hand and body speak. Burn 1 AP or 10 focus to gain 1 hour of Danger sens, Undetectable lie (CHR), Detect lies (INT), or a +2 on persuade checks_

Health = 64
CON: 6
> Endurance Threshold (ET) = CON + Toughness Levels + Survival Proficiency Level (8)
Familiarities: Blades, Swords, Spears, Shields, Bows, Crossbows, Improvised

Tactics: Avoid conflict where at all possible. When forced to fight wait for the opponent to make a mistake then strike while they are disadvantaged. Use initiative to watch what they are doing and let them move first.


Fit Studded leather PV 11, PR 110, FV 3
Fendelkrayne: pv 9, PR 90, FV 1
> Feet:
> Hands:
> Head:

Custom Scimitar: 4 AM, 3 RCT, 3 STR, 10 Damage +1 overall, Poise, Swift
2 Fine Daggers: 2 AM, 2 STR, 1 RCT, 3 damage +1 overall, Natural, throwable
Small light bow, 2/1 AM, 3 STR, 3 RCT, 6 Damage, Multi grip, Poise

Typical Clothes: Common clothing for a local merchant or business owner

Encounter: No armor, Scimitar and daggers when in town, Full armor (studded) and weapons when “Expecting” combat. (Must declare)
Day: Fendelkrayne, Scimitar, daggers.
Travel: Fendelkrayne, Scimitar, Bow, Daggers
Mounts/Vehicle/Carry Assistance


Created: 2016 as an NPC within the Handyman’s Campaign, under the Incarna Reborn ruleset.

Dalvik was imprisoned by the Handymen after his unsuccessful kidnapping of some of their number. Many wanted him dead but he bribed Risk with his saved fortune in exchange for his life. He has been aiding Risk and Sweeps in their research efforts with his extensive knowledge of history. When the dark armies came to Hestig he was smuggled out of jail by Risk and brought into the Storeroom of the Handyman’s secrets. So far the party has not elected to kill him, possibly because he poses no threat and he is another body to help them fight their way out. He has grown impressed with the Bannermen, and having lost his life’s fortune he is in the middle of reconsidering what he will do with the rest of his life.

Dalvik was born in Gladnor, the son of a poor family with too many children as it was. When most of the family died of starvation he turned to theft and crime. From there he slowly worked himself up to managing the efforts of other criminals. He learned early on that there was no real money in stealing yourself, and that even collecting from the efforts of other thieves was not nearly lucrative enough without being a large gang. He took his most loyal comrades and traveled south, posing as merchants. There they worked as mercenaries, thugs, and participated in espionage to make their wealth. Dalvik spent much of his own money gaining access to the libraries of the area, focusing on any topic that related to wealth and the obtaining of it. Dalvik was smart, and intended to retire early with enough money to live in moderate wealth for his life. This desire led him down the path of finding old relics, and returning them for rewards and bounties.

Activity Record
Character Points

Action Points
[Total can never be higher than CHA rating]

Dalvik Embron

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