Daron Murphy

Heir the the Murphy sheep herds


Status: Alive; Loyalties/Groups: Handy Mans Guild, Banner men, Strikers Unit

Concept: Warrior Archetype, Natural Warrior, Shepherd questing for knighthood

> Purpose: Glorify the ideals of Ves’Tuul
Description: Human, Male, 6’1", 215#, Caucasian skin, Brown hair, Brown eyes, Right handed
> Size: 13 / (Naturally Large) Size Factor (SF) = 1
> Markings:
> Looks: Beautiful (+2 on related encounters)
> Essence: 5 (12 -2 Conviction, -2 Radiance Bond, -1 Good Luck, -2, Living Sacrament)
Mannerisms: Mildly Uptight, Adheres to strict guidelines
> Social Standing: Land Holder, Minor lord / Pedigree: 1st Lieutenant Banner-man

Kinetic 5

Charisma = 4
Intuition = 5
Perception = 5
Reactions = 6 +1 to direct rolls (1less cp to raise)
Reason = 4
Sanity = 3
Strength = 6
Vigor = 6

Physical: Acute Sight, Chi Channeler, Natural Warrior, Natural Athlete, Toughness 1, Toughened 1
Mental: Danger Sense, Rural Background, Code of conduct: Virtuous, Leadership: 2
Other: Good Luck, Conviction (ves’Tuul, Living Sacrament) 2, Conviction 2 (Whelm, Living Sacrament) Synergy Pool 5, Radiance Bond 2

Arid-Lowland, Mountainous, Arctic, Temperate, Coastal

Athletics: Melee 6+2, Evade 4+1, Propel 2+1, Soak 4+1, Armor Use 4+1, Swimming 1+2, Shoot 2+1, Climbing 1+2, Ride 1+1, Running 1+1
Communications: Gladnorean 4
Knowledge: Survival 2, Military Lore 4, Animal handling 1
Stalking: Stealth 1+1

Special Abilities
Synergy Pool (5) = 25
All AP used for a CS or RS adjustment gain the remaining bonuses of high criticality.
One Use of Guidance Per session.
Wonderment gains +2 RS

Mana Pool (0) = +5
Radiance bond:
Appearance (general) +2 (bonus to appropriate social interactions?)
Reduces [radiance] essence burn by 2 base
All healing checks easier with +2; all healing to the victim is increased by 2.
Brightsense @2
All adjustments of cover for darkness are negated (Glows in a 1 ft Radius)
May burn 1 essence (returns in 1 week game time) to gain a use of Wonderment (once per session, per rank)
+2 Leadership
+5 mana
+5 Chi
+5 Synergy
+2 resist fear, awe, and Nightmares

+1 to resist Disease and Poison

Chi Pool (0) = 125

Focus Pool (0) =

+1 CS on Defensive Manuevers
Health = 92
CON: 7
> Endurance Threshold (ET) = 10 CON + Toughness Levels + Survival Proficiency Level
Familiarities: Swords, Shields, Knives, Spears, Axes, Clubs, Staves, Crossbows
Tactics: Hit harder than they can

Ringlets: 6 fv, 12 pv, 108 pr
thin hide: Fit Val=2 Armoring=6 Health=27
Light Chain: FV 5, 18 PV, 216 PR
Personal Plated Chain: 26 PV, 520 PR, fit 6/4 (cost Apprx 35,000 SC)

Wood shield (medium avg weak): enc 36, 2 am, 36 pv, 144 pr Bearing +2, simple club
Brace of Whelm (Medium Shield) 60 pv, 350 PR, FV 5/4 (4/3 for Daron) has a synergy pool of 20 that is usable by a follower of whelm. Can be repaired by crafters of the light for 500SC.

> Feet:
> Hands:
> Head:Full Winged Helm: PV 75, Pr: Virtue, Buttress 4 (only 2 for determining perception penalty), The wearer has all light penalties reduced by 1 lvl. Those with Radiance Bond and a Virtuous code of conduct may spend 5 synnergy per strike to add 4 base true light to any blow, illuminating a 5 meter radius for 1 round. Rank 2 Radiance Bond may reduce the Synergy cost (min 1) by conviction level and gain an additional +1Base and +4 overall light damage to the strike, and the character can spend 5 Manna to create light in a 10 M radius of light around them for 10 min (Will expel up to rank 2 darkness)

Whelms Great sword: 19 base dam, +2 dam overall, 4 am, Durable, swift, Grip, reach 4, 10 str, 4 rct, +1 cs to followers of Whelm. 28, 47, 66, 85, 104
Bastard Sword: 4 AM, 14 dam, 21, 35, 49, 63, 77
Broad Sword: 4 AM, 11 dam, 18, 29, 40, 51, 62
Light spear: 3 am, 7 dam, easy use, simple staff, poise, swift, grip 14, 21, 28, 35, 42
Typical Clothes:

Encounter: [for casual, low threat, about town type situation or stripped for full combat]
Day: [for day trip, where sustenance and hydration is important and always having min supplied for single night]
Travel: [pathfinding, multi-day trips]

Mounts/Vehicle/Carry Assistance
BOB: _Full light warhorse, +2 to ride checks and maximum skill use while riding. Can charge, and on a successful ride check will plunge an opponent the rider is not attacking. _

2560 SC


Always look for a peaceful solution to conflict before clashing with others – the path forward will be unstable if bought violence.
Be a role-model to which all others should aspire; We must all be responsible for our actions and the consitions they create.
Distrust is the root of pain; it is better to be betrayed by a friend that suspect them.
Experience and wisdom are to be shared with the community and built upon to make greater opportunities for all.
Friendship is its own reward; it is the fulcrum upon which we are inspired to new heights.
Lies invalidate effort and progress; a part of the world dies when a lie is told and the future is poorer for it.
Never take delight in the death or torture of others – you only invite such upon yourself when you do so.
The ends do not justify the means; principle is virtue and is hollow if acheiving it violates its nature – compromise is the path of weakness.
There is a duty to the larger ideal of community – gains and stability must be for the group’s good, not the individual.

Activity Record
Character Points

Action Points
[Total can never be higher than CHA rating]


Daron Murphy

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